Technical SEO Services


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Technical SEO Services Company

We are a leading technical SEO services company catering to all kinds of businesses from small to large enterprises. Also, we cater to different industries. We have a team of experts who are adept in online marketing so we do White Hat SEO to make sure your website comes under the top SEO rankings of the operating industry.

Exclusive SEO

The technical side of our technical SEO services includes your ability to control and authorize SEO detailing, you will be able to customize Title tags, Meta descriptions, URLs, etc. In addition to being able to control your link building outreach and strategies, you can also choose to buy backlinks cheap for SEO and control how your webpage appears within the SERP using exclusive Technical SEO strategies.

Technical SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization

Our customized posting services and SEO strategy are not limited to demographic restraints but perform best within a target geo-location.

Page Optimization

We make sure all your web pages are optimized and pass the standards of search engine page optimization such as load time and URL optimization.

Tag Optimization

In this part of our technical SEO Company Primelis, our team makes sure each and every tag is corrected be it alt text or others.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile responsiveness is an integral part of SEO and branding altogether. We make sure your website is responsive on all platforms.

Google Crawling

We align each and everything for optimized tactics with search engine spiders crawl so that your web pages can be crawled by Google as soon as possible. 

Online Reporting

We trust that you must be involved in the procedurethereforeyou could monitor and check every step of the progress of your campaign at our fully digital dashboard reporting suite

Optimized Technical SEO Campaign Benefits


As one of the best technical SEO companies primelis, we have a team that collectively possesses rich and diverse experience based on expert knowledge, they are able to skillfully craft the best Technical SEO campaign for your brand. The benefits of a Technical SEO campaign include having rich pieces of information within your Web Content hence, keeping the audience interested. This directly contributes to audience retention. Another great benefit is being able to rank better in SERPs due to technical optimization.

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How Does A Technical SEO Company primelis Work?


At Rankqu, our technical SEO campaigns are expertly curated and delivered by our technical SEO specialists, who specialize in On-page SEO and off page SEO too which ultimately gives a boost to the technical aspect as well. The main role of audience retention and better SERP ranking that they accomplish plays a major role in the boost in sales that you will ultimately experience.


How is Technical SEO done?


The SEO consultant Team at Rankqu tweaks and betters your site before and during the implementation of Technical SEO. They do it by;

  • Making your website mobile friendly
  • Making an optimized XML sitemap
  • Increasing the page speed of your entire website for both desktop and mobile interfaces.
  • Optimizing web page internal links
  • Including and incorporating both important and main, high-performing keywords from your niche
  • Finding and fixing broken links from your website
  • And many more technical practices!

Is On-Page SEO a part of Technical SEO?

Rather, Technical SEO is a part of On-Page SEO, which is a much broader and wider form of search engine optimization strategy. However, this is something you need not need to worry about while working with us. Our job is to perform hit-me-seo strategies and bring you incredible progress results on a silver platter, along with consistent and regular progress updates.